What is Toastmasters?





What is Toastmasters?
The Dynamic North Shore (DNS) Toastmasters Club is a non-profit organisation, run by an elected group of executive members whose services are voluntary. It chartered as North  Shore Toastmasters Club on 8th December 1962 and is affiliated with Toastmasters International which provides the training material for the club.

What happens at a Toastmasters meeting?
Toastmasters meetings follow a set agenda which has been proven over time to deliver value to its members. It provides people the opportunity to practice speaking in a non-threatening environment and delivers constructive feedback to the speakers so that they can improve their skills.

What will I learn at Toastmasters?
If you join the club you will be given a manual that outlines a 10 module course that you can complete at your own pace. Each module involves giving a speech that focuses on developing a particular skill such as

· Controlling nerves
· Speech structure
· Moderation of voice
· Body language.
· Working with words
· Effective use of presentation aids

When you complete this manual you will be a competent speaker. Toastmaster then provides a variety of advanced manuals to extend your skills and a dynamic environment to test them that includes speech competitions. In addition you will receive a monthly toastmasters magazine with numerous articles specialty speaking topics. Please ask any member at the meeting if you can have a look at a manual.

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